When I went to pick up my cat from the Vet day before yesterday, a woman was leaving from one of the exam rooms with a (very long) baby blanket covered elongated triangular shaped bundle.  She was carrying it in her arms as you would a baby.  I knew of course that it wasn’t a baby as you usually don’t bring them to the Vet and it was too slender to be a small animal type that we are used to.  But very long.  I spoke with the cat’s doctor for a moment and thanked him for his volunteer care and surgery for an eagle that was brought in from the Raptor Center.  The eagle is now in Dollywood Raptor Rehabilitation  Center in Pigeon Forge (I think) until he is able to fly and fend for himself.  Dr. Hinson volunteers his skills more than the other 4 doctors far as I can tell.  He smiled  at me and asked did I notice the woman leaving with the bundle.  When I said yes, he said she was carrying out a very large hawk ( to her van) who had had surgery.Oh gosh I would have loved to have seen him if only I could.  I am a bird of prey fan. 

The little Mrs. has cut me a small break.  A major one last night actually, as she snuggled in her usual place up in my shoulder and neck area..trapping me (gladly) on my back so I wouldn’t disturb her. 

My meatloaf was beyond excellent if I say so myself.  Oh that was good.  We had oven fries to go with it and some peas.  Since the meatloaf is always subtly different each time I make it (I don’t measure) you never know what may stand out in the flavoring more.  This time a perfect union of flavors. 

Have a great weekend, family of bloggers..and I’m coming around to see you this afternoon if not sooner.