I got to sleep through the night until 0645.  I even dozed until 0710.  I didn’t have anyone cuddling me in the night at all..but I’ll take it.  I am sleepy now as I have a huge sleep deficit to make up.  I hope.
Headed out to church this morning in the everlasting cold rain.  This year as I have already said a lot of times, we have outdone ourselves in rain.  A foot over the norm.  So, walking in that and afterward stopped at Walgreen’s to get something they have a coupon for and then home to thoroughly clean the house.  I sat there later reading the Sunday paper and admiring the vacuum cleaner marks on the carpet.  Ahhh.  It’s a ritual now I suppose. 
Thank you for the remarks about the photo contest for pets at the Vet’s Office.  I know they were dazzled with the one I turned in because it is of professional quality done by my son with his Nikon D300 and the great equipment he has that I can’t afford, shouldn’t buy either because I have enough trouble handling what I DO have.  Victoria will suffice for me and her lens is good.  It’s an 18-200mm. Al I lack and do want is a macro lens.  Maybe Santa can be flirted with when Mrs Claus isn’t looking and he will bring me a macro lens.  With my luck, the paparazzi will be there reporting on my style of flirtation and what Santa said.  I will just send a letter instead.
Someone is in there on my freshly made bed.  When the bedspread is on the bed, so is she.  She’s been there for hours.  I had opened my closet in the hallway where the coats and jackets are and she took off like a scalded dog!  I asked her …or rather her tail as it followed her around the doorway to the bed and underneath why she thought I was going to scoop her up and make her go to the Vet?  No reply but…she did.  She was still there when I came home from church and till I finally finished cleaning. 
OK.  Off to see what I might post to Flickr.  Beth?  Have the pizza.  Seriously.  Make a pie and/or a cake and let that be the end of it.