I was typing away and did not proof read as you guys in the blog family are excruciatingly aware.  I am always always making typos as I type too fast and hit send..always regretting it.

Tonight, I regretted it.  Talk about embarrassing.  Here is a cut and past of said email I just sent out AND the reply I got.

After I read what I accidentally wrote plus his reply I got to laughing enough to make myself feel like there was an earthquake or something.  It’s just not the sort of error you want to make and certainly not to a feller. I am not saying who I was emailing but I have also included letters to the editor of the local newspaper in my emails tonight.  SIGH. My name is Maroon as Bugs would say.

Here it is:  This is the reply I just got..the line below.

Oh man I love this typo. I didn’t know your keyboard was so hip!



Dec 14, 2009, at 8:51 PM

This is what *I* wrote!  see below.

Glad you sold the other
guy &   if I failed to tell you, someone provided me with the perfect thong
for the worn off letters. Amazing they are still coming off, even covered like this
with the keyboard skin.


How embarrassing.  I mean really!!!