Just when you thought that it couldn’t…pardon the pun… get any lower as in the pants belted below the butt and showing the butt and underwear…in a way, it did.  I was coming out of a parking lot getting onto the main drag thru town and I saw 3 teen boys who should be in school.  But never mind that.  One of the teen boys had a pair of women’s magenta color satin sheen bikini underpants on over his jeans…proudly showing out his numskull self to all unfortunates such as myself, who happened to glance over there to the sidewalk.  Come ON!  Good GRIEF!  Give us a break!  Bad enough seeing these pants belted around the butt.  How in the name of common sense a person could stand having to constantly hold up their pants totally escapes me.  I think if I  was a guy and wanted to make a statement of my complete idiocy, I would do the women’s underwear over my jeans too instead of constantly holding my pants up!  Maybe that’s the new trend then! 

On the sweet side..as I was driving out of the parking lot, there was a  mom pushing her cart into the lot toward her vehicle.  Her little boy of perhaps 18 months was in there as was a brand spankin’ new hooded cat litter box.  You know, the kind that is enclosed except for an entrance.  Anyway, the little boy was standing up in the cart and had his head and a little of his shoulders thrust firmly into the hole entrance of the cat pan.  It was  just so cute!  I was still smiling until I came across the idiots in the women’s underwear worn as outerwear.  Madonna they weren’t.

Did I ever tell you I am a fan of Batman, the animated series?  I got hooked on it when I was home in time for it to come on..this was when I rotated to day shifts.  I loved it.  Still do and I am the proud owner of tapes and now DVD’s.  Ahhh…Poison Ivy…the Joker, the Riddler..Batman himself..Bruce Wayne…sweet!    What brought this TMI on is I just got me another DVD that I don’t have yet.  I like the people version too but the animated is just the best!  Love it.

Well, after a week of rain and fog, the sun is out for a few days so me and Victoria are going out.  Wish us luck.  Maybe I’ll see more boys in their undies. 

I’ve been around some and will resume after this brief message from our sponsors.