Last evening I was in a new place in another town for supper.  I am here to tell you that was THE best home style cooking restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of being in.  No restaurant better no matter where I have been …and better than I can cook at home. It is strictly a Southern style food restaurant and they are knockdown drag out fabulously delicious..none better.

 I deliberately did not think of the calorie content of my country fried steak, the white gravy all over it..the mashed potatoes, the green beans (not from a can, trust me) the exquisite coleslaw.  My word.  If you want to feel as though you had gone to a relative or dear friends house and had a meal..there it is for you in a restaurant.  The place is called the Apple blossom Cafe.  And…I had already been told about the desserts.  I was stuffed to the brim but I had a piece of their coconut creme  pie.  The crust is made on the premises, as is the filling.  That pie slice was two and a half times the size that you normally get at home or in a restaurant.  And the coconut creme was so high up in the crust I wish I knew how you can get it that fluffy to fill the crust so high.  It was extraordinary and the meringue on top…towered!!!  I will say that entire slice was 6 inches joke. Oh my goodness.  I texted one of the boys that I had found the place of places….Nirvana.  Our Kiwi friend will be here in April. He, I trust, will be taken by us and headed there. 

Then, we headed off to Norris Dam though it was dark and looked for deer feeding.  We found just 7 but it was pitch dark and we had to more or less zig zag sweeping the sides of the area with headlights.  Did that, headed back and jabbered the entire rest of the evening away.  Miss Catt even came out to join us and  she got combed as well.  An extra treat for her since she couldn’t have a gigantic piece of pie.  I bet my calorie consumption was close to or exceeding 1400 calories last night.  I did not eat the crust of the pie.  That was minimal help.  However, I couldn’t and wouldn’t go there often.  It is too belly bustin’ good and anyone could gain a pound a week there.  Whew.

Missed you.  Seems like just a handful of my network blog any more.