And a great good morning to you all!  It’s gray, cold and damp out there but it beats tons of snow or other disastrous weather.
I haven’t said anything in two days as I have nothing to say.  I never do really truth be told, but I say it anyway.  This must be one of those times.
The son over the mountains will be here tomorrow evening in time for supper.  The other two live nearby and won’t show up till Christmas day.  Speaking of which, I just took the turkey breast out of the freezer. ( no one likes dark meat on the turkey so no use in buying a whole turkey, pretty as it looks).  If you don’t do it, take it out of the freezer, several days MORE than the package says, you are in deep trouble on the day.  The wrapper says 3 days for a 10 pound breast.  No..that time never works.  I read updated instructions on-line that said what I found out the hard way.  At a temp of 40 degrees in your fridge, a 10 pound turkey breast will take 5 days. And it will…been there, had to do it.  We’ll figure what else we’re having besides a broccoli rice casserole when they get here.  Buttery corn is one and a potato dish is another.  Not sure what yet. Gravy of course and cranberry sauce too..yeast rolls for sure.  A devil’s food cake (we get out of control with pies) and some walnut brownies. 
I have been adding Spring captures here these past few days because it’s snowing off and on..gray  wet and cold out there.  Seems where I live is always that way with sun in the minority.  That is really a drag these past 2 years.
The boss of the house is still comfortable after her allergy shot..but that won’t last but another 2 weeks if i am lucky and then. the chorus of Klingon Opera will start again.  Right now, she is just broadcasting to get me up in the mornings by and large.  Thing is, that will also include my children when they are here.  Sigh. 
I hope all is well with you all.  If you’re good, I’ll make you some cookies.  IF you’re good.