They are here!  We had my meatloaf for supper…crispy oven fries and buttered corn with Rocky Road ice cream for dessert.  As always I am too full.  I didn’t eat that much but I am not used to eating a full cooked meal that often either. YUMMO.

I bought a fake wii for him to play with while he is here.  Bought it for 50 bucks new.  It’ll do as it will just stay here for the boy’s use, unless my son says he can take it back with him.  OK by me.  Something for him to do.  I am surprised how decent a game it is.  You can play football, tennis, golf and bowl.  That’s it.

They brought their Santa sleigh full of presents.  This house is bulging with presents from just theirs and mine.  Still have 2 sons to go.  I inadvertently opened one that was meant for me in that it was in a bag into which my son had stuffed a jacket.  I took it out to hang it know us moms and there were several things for me underneath. 

The youngest won’t be here till the 23rd.  The oldest and the youngest on the 25th.  The encountered plenty of snow by the highways on their way here from Charlotte but the roads themselves were clear.  Stuck and abandoned cars too. 

Remember that Apple Blossom Cafe I went into delirious rapturous approval over the other night?  We’ll go there too before they leave.  But now I know the vast amount of food so I will get something I am not that crazy about and bring some home for another meal.  It was just so totally delicious that night I couldn’t quit eating.

Miss Catt said she is NOT a happy camper..but, she never is when anyone but the oldest is here.  She’s crazy about him because she sees him all the time.

Just dropped in here at the blog house to tell you I love you and Merry Christmas.

She’s better get used to it ’cause they are here till January 1.