Miss Catt was so excited she jumped in the air over the excitement she experienced when she saw the best of her Christmas presents from the boys.  She was given a wonderful tea set for her cat parties. 

Her Cat Parties are legendary for their sophistication and feline decor.  Invitations are eagerly sought.  Last year’s Cat Party celebrating May day was featured in Feline Living magazine.  Such sophistication may earn her another appearance on Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry.  We await with bated breath. 

She has caused me to include a photograph of her tiny tea set which is made from the finest purrcelain and it was painted by  paw by  master artisans at the famed Whisker Creek Gallery.  This Gallery has been frequented by Steve in Alaska as one of the finest in upscale feliniana.

She said as always, click for a picture without the blue of the blog comi ng through.