She said everyone is invited and wear your Sunday go to meetin’ clothes.  She runs a tough ship.  BUT she’ll make it worth it.  She has Pounce Party Mix and Cat Cookies.  (she really does) plus catnip just doesn’t get any better. She is serving tea and cookies and party mix in shifts as her wee tea set seems to be in constant use.  She’s glad it’s so tiny..that way all kitty "fingers" and toes can fit in the handles.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and had your family around you.  Mine is still here.  They won’t leave till Friday.  Of course, there is the threat of snow in the mountains (The Smokies) so that will cause some problem.  With the detour, it takes them a full hour longer to get here.  Me and the youngest may head there ext month.  But whether I go depends on if he asks me if I would like to accompany him.  I usually don’t ask.
Oh..if there are any Star Trek fans out there besides me and Jade…I got season 6 of Voyager as a Christmas present and the middle boy got season one of the original series, remastered.  We have been playing the DVD’s every night.  LOVE it.  I have some of The Next Generation..but none of Voyager till now.  I will have to start buying.  I want DS9 too.
We have been eating too much and too often and it all caught up with me last night.  I was up several times but at least Miss Catt didn’t say anything till 6 this morning. 
Hope you are all well.  I was around to quite a few yesterday.  xoxox