Here it is…very close to the start of a new year.  Will anything change?  Maybe.  I mean personally, not globally, as I can only make knowledgeable statements about me.  Do I particularly want change?  Is it anything I can control, if I do?  What will the year bring?  Living each day as it comes I will get my answer as time passes.  I will say this however…I like that adage about living each day from start to finish..not just enduring them.  Gratitude for another day and another chance..priceless.

One of the boys gave me a 72 mm lens for Christmas..more a close up lens as opposed to a macro.  I have taken a few pictures with it but we are all still here together as a family.   I am enjoying the company and not thinking about pictures for once. 

Last night I was so extraordinarily sleepy due to being awake a great deal through the night because of dietary indiscretions, I fell asleep the second the light went out and stayed in one place the entire night.  When my charming four footed alarm clock went off..I found I had not moved one iota all night long.  I barely had to make my bed.  All I needed to do was turn that one place back up where I had turned it down to get into bed.  Now that was sleepy to the max.  I hate it when I get that sleepy.  It did not stop me from watching yet more of Voyager DVD’s though.  I was up till 2311.  No idea how I managed to stay awake.  Wait…I found I had drifted off the last 8 minutes of one of the last episodes. 

I am enjoying the NC son and grandson still here.  Tonight we will have that Italian grilled chicken that I make along with steamed rice.  I have some premium ice cream too. We just turn into thugs and eat the whole thing! None of those dinky half cup servings for us.  We start out cramming tall coffee mugs full  of ice cream and pack it tight as a drum. If yer gonna duit…duit right.

I have had the best week with them here and it is continuing till they leave this coming Friday.  The cat is the only one who will be glad to see the door close after them.  The silly thing has spent so much time UNDER the bed they have scarcely seen her at all.

I hope every one is well and looking forward to the New Year.  Have a happy one.