Time sure has passed quickly.  The boys were here two weeks.  The teacher one was..the other two off and on.  But the one who stayed here left this morning and man, I miss them awfully. 

We had a good time running around in various cities..shopping (me, really) and I have already mentioned that I know.  The antique stores and so on.  Several god restaurants and of course I cooked here as well.  My grandson did not like the Italian grilled chicken though he never said that.  He simply didn’t eat it which is a good hint.  But he buried his head in the meatloaf I prepare every time.

The oldest stepped in quickly after the exit of the middle and his boy.  He’s here now.  I grilled him two NY Strip steaks…one to go with him back to his place tomorrow.  He’ll have the rest of the grilled Italian chicken that I saved specifically for him.  But tonight he had crispy seasoned fries to go with his steak.  I seasoned it of course so it was not bland.  I used to do bland all the time which is why I said that.  I can see the boys’ rolling eyes as we speak here.

Terry and Sherry were sure right!  The NERVE of whomever it was that took HER name of Miss Catt.  How dare they!  How rude. So she is MissusCatt on Twitter as she mentioned before.  She said she has five followers.  She is thrilled. How she’ll have time for that is anybody’s guess. Especially since she runs North America and has her claws full what with all the National Debt we have now.  She’s afraid it may impact her ability to stockpile Fancy Feast in the near future.

The house has the oldest in it till tomorrow afternoon but that’s not like it was..bursting with noise and family life.  In that regard, I won’t clean for another day.  No use right now but this is the first time this home has gone two entire weeks with no room to room complete cleaning.  I’m bustin’ to get started. 

I hope you guys were safe last night if you went out to greet the new year.  I stayed in as I was savoring the last of the family visit.  If I can find a way to keep Miss Catt medicated without having to board her, I would very much like for all of us to let my Charlotte son host Christmas.  His home is twice the size of mine plus, he wants to.