The oldest got here yesterday and he had what I have already mentioned yesterday for supper.  He had his usual biscuits with strawberry preserves, bacon, eggs and coffee this morning.  I have a pot of chili going to add to the steak and the chicken that he is taking back.  Minus one cup however, for the cook’s trouble.

Did I tell you that one evening last week we went to an ethnic restaurant for supper while the son from Charlotte was here?  It’s called Homeland Cafe and one would not know that it is Polish food unless one went in.  They have wonderful ambiance too..with rich heavy weight linen on the table..two linen cloths on the tables as a matter of fact , and a beautiful yellow eyelet trimmed napkin  also linen.  A candle completed that nice table setting with heavy silverware.  After we ordered, salad came.  Anyone who knows me knows I -do-not-like-salad-and -you-can’t-make-me-eat-it! They didn’t know that, thank goodness so it was served up to me as well.  Perfectly sized lettuce pieces, not huge inedible hunks, some, just a few raisins, carrot pieces, a little tomato, just different things including some sliced strawberries.  The dressing came with which is a no-no for me always.  If I am forced into eating the horrible stuff called salad..I eat it straight and NO dressing.  So, since the price was high for the dinner, I thought to go ahead and stick a fork in it.  I want you to know I ate every bite..almost licked the blue off the plate!  That dressing was homemade I found as is the food..all of it..and a "secret" recipe.  Oh that was totally absolutely THE single most delicious dressing I have ever had the privilege of eating.  I don’t like commercial dressings which is why I do without in restaurants, besides the calorie issue, but this was home made (I can’t do dressing and don’t want to try) and just ambrosia!  Guess that showed me.  There can be delicious salad.

Going to be awfully quiet around here after he is gone.  Miss Catt is delighted..just delirious with joy that the house is hers again and no one to try to love on her.  She is such a maroon!  She is so used to me that she decided she ain’t gonna often tolerate anyone else petting her royal self!!!  Unless you are the oldest son..he is OK in her book. 

Guys..have a great weekend.  I have some major cleaning to do and nope..I won’t do yours this time.  Too much of my own.