The house is spic and span.  On Sunday after that is done, my next thing is to rare back and read the paper with a cup of cherry tea near by.  However, I am in here.  The paper can wait a little more.

Came home from the grocery store to see an old old neighbor three doors up being taken away by the ambulance.  I dare say she is in her 80’s easily.  She has been there as long as I have been here and more.  I literally pray that she will recover from whatever it is and come home again.  It would be very sad without Mrs. B. 

Oh it does feel good to look around and see the carpet looking so good.  THAT reminds me.  I have been meaning to tell you what happened to me here in the computer room.  I have soft plush carpet.  I also have one of those mats that you can buy in an office supply store to put on top of the carpet for your office chair to roll on and not gouge/dent the carpet.  All was well until this 5th year has passed since getting the carpet laid and when I saw the mat was cracked, not un-surprisingly after 5 years, so I replaced it.  I pulled the old mat away to install the new one and unfortunately, the little stipples that stick out on the underside to adhere the mat to the carpet have come close to if not actually, ruining my carpet where it laid on it.

The stipples, pointy things, whatever you want to call them, stuck into the carpet and made “pathways” so to speak, all the way across the carpet where the mat lay, with every row of pointy things.  That is a bunch of rows and a lot of furrows now in the carpet that can’t be smoothed out or vacuumed away.

I laid the new mat on top of the old mat which I turned pointy side UP.  The new mat pointy side down.  I hoped to smooth out all the marks the mat far, no food.  SO..I bought a small area rug and placed it over part of the close to if not in fact damaged area, and the vinyl mat on top of that, to prevent more damage.  So…watch out and be warned about those plastic mats.

Miss Catt is walking around, even with the oldest here yesterday just looking all Grande Dame and relaxed and just plopping herself any old where…stretching luxuriously and trying out all of her sleeping spots.  She’s almost humming, the little ingrate, because she’s alone again and able to patrol her entire universe if and when she wants to.  I heard her murmur “Life is good”.