OK, there’s very light snow going on out there but not enough to keep me from heading to the next town over with my canister vacuum cleaner to get it repaired.  And while we’re at it, we need to go to a furniture store.  So get your coats on, (no boots required) and meet me at the car.  NO horn blowing allowed..I’ll get there when I get there.  Understood.
If you are all well behaved we can stop off at the Appleblossom cafe for lunch.  But be on your best behavior and no pointing at one another..no raucous laughing and fasten and keep fastened your seat belts and no running in the stores.  Beth Marie, you’re the worst one for that with Toodie right behind you.  Terry & Sherry!  Stop that this instant or there will be no dessert.  And Appleblossom has the best desserts.  You’ll just have to watch us eat ours.  Oh no.  Paul just squeezed in.  It’s all over.  He’ll have us laughing and I won’t be able to concentrate on the road.  We’ll go off into the river!  Hey, he can help haul the small piece of furniture if I get it, that I’m looking for into the house up these cussed steps! He’s a man..he’s strong.  Fizz and Nancy..quit poking at Joe, Flo and Carol or I’m applying the hickory stick!  I can see we’ll have to be in the van.  Git!
Now to get my hair combed and get outta here.