It’s another good day.  No rain for a few days..that alone is fabulous to us here who have a dearth of sunny days.  Snow predicted for Thursday and Friday though.  Just a few inches they say. 

I can easily see I may as well give in and change the time I do the treadmilling much as I hate to do that.  For me, it’s fairly early in the morning or it doesn’t get done because later, I feel even less like doing it. someone’s  wee condo is situated at the end of the treadmill..AND as there is no other window in this house that allows her access to a window and her condo..that is where the condo will stay and I…I can’t use the treadmill while she is in residence there. 

She has little enough in her routine that she enjoys.  Since being treated for the hyperthyroidism, her numbers are good when we have a blood test for her. but..she has lost most all of her playfulness.  So..if she enjoys napping in the condo (which cannot be moved) then I will wait till she is finished there. 

So, that means I have not treadmilled and here it is 1202 hrs already.  I was going out to do it but it is bitterly cold.  I don’t think I am that dedicated any longer although I used to be. 

I was out..resisted buying yet another shirt thank goodness (I have a gazillion shirts already) but, I had a craving for cheerios.  So I bought the biggest box they had and turned myself loose on them in a big bowl half an hour ago.  Bought another bottle of vitamin B complex and a bottle of Folic acid.  I became allergic to the face cream I was using till today and gave in to buy another brand with its eye cream.  Hope it does as well as the preparation I was using because my face shows good care— you should only excuse me for saying so. 

Everyone was good in the car except Paul who was looking at Toodie!  (I told him to quit, but Darla smacked his hand) so he had to watch while we had dessert.  I did buy him lunch though.  That treat was on me.  I know everyone is sad that I didn’t get that piece of furniture.  They had nothing I could use AND the repair man was not at hi the whole trip out of town except for you guys, was for naught.  But we had a good lunch and the Apple Blossom Cafe manager said "Don’t come back you rowdy people!" as we left.  We don’t need them..we’ll go to Shoney’s next time and forgo the fab desserts.