I have just had the best morning.  Calls from friends who are important to me before I left the house, yes, but then, a meeting with all my co-corkers both working and not.  What fun!  We are such a crowd and so loud they put us in an area where we can’t bother the other patrons overly much.  What I love and today was no exception, are the war stories.  I love hearing them whether or not I have heard them before, and I love telling them.  Only one of us in that group can understand what all of us go thru and have been thru.  One of those deals where.."you have to be there" as they say.  We are truly a tight knit family whether we got on or get on with one another or not all goes away when we meet in such neutral territory and have a meal together..laughing, hollering and making ourselves obnoxious.  Shoot, that’s the funniest part..being loud and obnoxious.  I think I told you that after the last midnight shift, we’d all herd over to Shoney’s breakfast bar and run everyone else out because we were laughing, roaring and going on.  Heck, it was after the shift and "night time" to us..even if we did have to go home and go to bed. 

I read Beth Marie’s blog this morning where she mentioned something about every day boring stuff.  I don’t think any of us would agree with that.  I commented that telling our lives as they happen is the large portion of having a blog in the first place.  Too, it help cement us as a group and a blog family and  we become known to one another as people with lives, problems, joys and happy things or just every day things that make us what we are.  That is never boring to me.  It’s vital and we learn to care about one another through the day-to-day.  May that never change.  I am always interested in your day-to day activities, your thoughts, your rants and your happy times.  Please don’t change. 

Meanwhile, after enjoying hootin’ and hollerin’ with the men..exchanging news, stories and gossip I came home.  I have a few things to get done and probably should get started on them.  Going tomorrow to be even more boring, to get my hair done.  It’s shoulder blade length now, working on mid back so soon, I need to make a decision about that..a hair cut.  (I know..blazingly hot news!)

Love ya bunches…