Someone was  watching their special pet movie in this year- ago picture.  You can sure see how the carpet tracks!  I didn’t know any better at the time and didn’t get the "trackless" kind.  Keeps me busy with the vacuum so it looks ship shape most of the time.  It didn’t in this picture. 
 I was up on the treadmill  a while ago, so I feel a lot better.  Thank you so much for the love yesterday.  I must have wanted sympathy or I would not have written that I wasn’t well.   That is different for me to do unless I want to complain about my back.  But today is a better day.  No queasiness and no weakness.
I have been around to some of you already and after I get ready for the day (out of sloppy treadmill attire) I need to head out.  I think thes un has melted enough of the ice lingering on the road up here to allow that.  See you soon.