How many of you saw that article or heard the television news where clothing in retail stores was tested for germs, and in my opinion, worse than germs?  Germs on new clothing

I have had some friends who have said on occasion that they always wash garments before wearing them.  I used th think how silly.  You lost all the fabric finish that makes them look so good that you would have had until the first wash at least.  I don’t feel that way any more and believe me, I will always and ever wash first. 

There were germs, yes, and that’s bad but the stomach turning part aside from that was fecal matter, matter from other bodily orifices..yes, that one too…nasal secretions, & virus’s of many kinds. We are also talking  of the big time virus’s that causes grave illness.  And se-x-ually transmitted virus’s too, but instead of the usual way of catching them i.e. direct transmission, they are there on the clothing if an infected person tried it on before you bought it.

Apparently it doesn’t matter how good the garment may look when you take it off the rack and haul it up there to the cashier.  The horrible secretions or the results of those secretions, are on the garment anyway.  They were showing the other evening that even though you bring the jeans, top, coat, whatever, pants..etc etc back for some reason it gets set back out onto the shelves or on the racks again.  I understand that; the store certainly won’t destroy the clothing because it was returned.  But be warned..they are contaminated because someone wore them and no one can know just how clean or careful that person was. Or if they tried it on sans underwear or if those garments were clean.

When they showed the cultures that were taken from armpits, crotch, seat and so on…neck area, etc. it was disgusting.  Big woolly  looking germs growing all over those cultures.  Eww.

OK.  Ruined everyone’s evening I know but so you are aware if you missed it.  I think it was on NBC morning news show.