Lemme tell you.  Ain’t NO way I will fly anywhere again unless it is an fallin’ down absolute necessity as when my SIL passed away a couple of years ago.  I left work..told the sons, and we got plane tickets all in a rush and that was a nightmare trip in some respects.  The usual delays and so on.  Of course, we had the security issues to deal with as we do now..it wasn’t that long ago.  However NOW  I would rather run down the street stark nekkid on another 8 degree day as we had when I woke up, that fly.  I hate all the stuff they do and worse, that they don’t do..and the newspaper today had an article about the draconian measures they are going to try to start up..so called mind reading.  Measuring your body’s responses such as heart rate for example,while you stand in line.  What about folks with heart disease etc etc.  They will pull you out of line for a good old fashioned drubbing if your heart happens to beat faster or whatever. You will be on some sort of balance board to measure to see if you twitch when you see certain posters or whatever  for pete sakes.  What about really old folks who wobble and have tremors?  Yanked out of the line for a drubbing!?

Read what Israel does with great success.  They want to do that here.  Talk about invasive including strip searches.  Sorry…me no want strip search.  I am still trying to deal with being seen naked in the body scanner.  BUT…anything for security, right?  Ha.  I saw a newspaper cartoon this morning showing the man of the house headed for the airport stark naked and carrying his suitcase.  He said it would be simpler to get dressed at the airport.

They are getting to be and trying to be too invasive.  That’s how I feel and no one will change my mind with the "but what if" argument.

So..other than that, hope it was a good day where you are.  It was a gorgeous one here but 8 degrees this morning.  Rose to the usual mid 20’s.  Sometime this coming week, we hope to get above freezing for the first time since it was 2010.  Oh, and I say "twenty Ten".  Some prefer "Two thousand and ten"  You?