I just got back from the annual blood letting at the doctor’s office.  Luckily I drew the one who never ever fails..gets the vein the first time and a good one at that.  They must have been training new girls there these 12 months because I have been declared to have "no veins", "small veins" "buried veins" and anything else they could come up with as an excuse for not finding it.  I get testy if they act as though they are going to do a search under the skin for a vein and I tell them no. Just quit and re-stick.   My blood tests have always gone great unless I happen to get the ones who are training.  They have to learn though so it’s not the end of the world. But, that’s over and I am wolfing down a sandwich.  Amazing how hungry you get when you know you cannot eat.  I slipped up and ate an orange last night at 2000.  My blood was drawn at 0830 so maybe the 12 hrs. was sufficient.

It is still cold as can be.  Several 8 degree mornings in a row.  I don’t yet know what it was this morning.  I was out scraping ice at 0730 headed to the doctor’s office.  I stopped to mail a package and a letter on my way back and I’ll be headed out again here shortly. If you want me to bring you back anything..better tell me now.  or I’ll be gone.

Too cold to go out with Victoria.  I think she and I will just agree that we’ll spare her the frostbite.  Serously though, I need to get cracking taking something n the way of pictures.  I haven’t done anything because it’s so bitterly cold out, nothing seems interesting (cause I won’t go look!) and just because. 

OK..pass me your lists and I’ll get my coat on and we’re outta here.