Yesterday while I was running around to get your errands and your food orders, I took time to call and see if the repairman was in his shop this time.  Last time I traveled out there, he was still in his own town and wasn’t going to make it that day. He was in his shop so I stopped there first with the vacuum that has been riding in the trunk for a couple of weeks.  I brought it on in there and he asked what was the matter.  Then, asking if I had some time which I did..I knew you all weren’t going to eat for another couple of hours, so I said yes. He took the part with the brushes and beater bar off..also saw that the thing did have suction at the hose itself..isolating the problem, and determined correctly it turns out that it was her Majesty’s fur and my hair that was the problem.  he cut that out and tested the vacuum.  At the shop, all is well.  I have yet to turn it on here at the house but I am confident. 

His rate is $45.00 an hour and he does pro-rate. Here is the neatest thing.  He carried it back out to the car and put it in the trunk for me, which I deeply appreciated (no matter I lift weights, carrying it with purse etc. was unwieldy and awkward) and when I made to follow him back to the shop to pay, he would not take a penny.  Any other place would have charged me the full rate just to do anything.  Even had they prorated it would have been some amount of money.  I was in there maybe 10 minutes..but it’s the principle of the thing.  I so appreciated that and I told him besides my sincere thanks, that as when I was in that town a few weeks ago, having parked and shopped in some of the stores, ALL of my shopping experiences were great.  EVERYONE was nice in every shop I was in.  And then, I had the pleasure of doing business with him.  I didn’t say that last sentence to him but I will write the ******* Courier  Newspaper and tell THEM what a great  town they have and how the merchants treat the customer the way we used to be accustomed to.  Like we actually mattered.  Who cares that the place is eat up with parking meters?  When I need something the town supplies, that’s where I will be.  My own town can’t come close.

See?  I can write about something besides rants. 

OH!  Miss Catt was tuning up all night long.  She insisted on getting me all the way up at 6.  Good thing I was sleepy from the very early rising yesterday as I went to bed at 2200.  So, I got 8 broken hours of sleep.  Not that bad.  She’s been auditioning for Worf, the Klingon, to sing soprano to his Bass in a Klingon Opera.  I would say she’s about there.    KAPLAH!