Happy birthday to my dear and treasured son on  January 14th.  It is your birthday and I wish I was there even now to wish you a happy one and have a cake for you with extra thick icing.

I remember very well what the weather was like the day you were born.  It was seemingly constant snow and ice and low  temperatures.  It persevered for a long time the month previous and throughout all of January it turned out. Snow every day, ice on top of the snow, dreary dank cold zero degree or less temps that lasted most of the month..no exaggeration, and ice hanging from the roof all four sides like daggers, never dropping off it was so cold. 

Your dad had to keep the place across the street shoveled out for we knew when you were officially due but when you would get here was your decision only. Then, we had no off street parking. The neighbors honored that one dug out place.

 One  night I went to bed and within an hour I told your Dad that  the event was underway at last.  Must have been those salmon patties I had eaten that evening.  We called the baby sitter for your brother and when she got here..we left for the hospital.  Of course, before we left, your dad had to dig some more due to snowfall that day and night after we had gone to bed.  We slipped and slid all the way across  the street to the car and down the street/hill  finally getting to the hospital… taking a half hour for a 10 minute trip. It was scary making my way across the parking lot on foot when we did arrive at the hospital, what with me in the throes of labor and ice every step of the way.

But many hours later on January 14th, there you were.  Seven pounds of cherished, wanted, loved child. 

I have been grateful for you and your brothers since each of you greeted me in this world and I always will love and cherish you. 

Happy Birthday.  No one will ever wish more joy for you than I do.  With all of my love to you this day, Mom