Hmmm..I wonder if I too am falling victim to the "I don’t have anything to say" syndrome?  No applause please..that might hurt my feelings. 
I do what one does many times and write about my life, or part of it anyway.  I know I have mentioned on several occasions that originally before MSN Spaces, I would send an email to all three sons with essentially what you see here every day (or so) when I blog. There in those emails however I may or may not say any physical problems, etc I might be having such as  back pain.  They get that, poor guys but I spare you all almost all of the really personal details such as back or other things blah blah blah.  I figure that is of no interest of any sort..ever.  I like to blog about what makes me happy or what interests me.  The nitty gritty stuff stays here on this side of the keyboard.   but that’s just me.  There is no right and there is no wrong.  It’s your blog, whoever you are, and you run it to suit yourself.  Everyone is (to coin a phrase) different. And thank goodness for that or it would be mighty dull around the blogosphere if everyone was the same. 
I have been treadmilling but not saying so.  My back is breaking in two. Worse than usual.  I got up on the treadmill anyway yesterday but I am hesitating about today. I  have been getting on it earlier these days to beat Miss Catt to that location as she takes up residence at the foot of the treadmill in her condo. Her there asleep makes me feel as though I need to wait until she is done sleeping in the doorway of her condo, enjoying the sun.
Her last three days and part of the night restlessness made her sleep hard yesterday.  She got into my bed..curled up as tightly as she could (cool in there) and slept hard..I can tell the difference…way into the evening.  I came in to wake her up as I figured I would suffer the consequences otherwise.  I will add as a note here that her cat friends are not too glad to read of her medical problems by and large over there on her blog.  She mentioned her problem with calling out in the night and she got almost no replies..just her friends here in MSN Spaces. (she and I appreciated that).  She found she has to keep her claws typing the happy stuff if she wants to suit her kitty friends who also have blogs.  She’s thinking that over but I doubt she will change because of fussy kitties out there. 
Well, the day is wasting away and here I sit!  I need to continue getting ready for the day..think about the treadmill and OH!  I had the plumber here again yesterday.  He put on a new faucet in the back of the house as requested but i had him here to look at the kitchen sink’s spout.  It’s wiggling and a slight leak at the base of the spout when the water is on.  Believe it or not, the spout cannot be wrenched off.  I will eventually have to buy a new set ($$$) and call him back again. 
Let’s go put the wash in the dryer and get crackin’ on make up and hair.