Here is the weather for the day…

The oldest will be here this afternoon thru till tomorrow afternoon.  I have a new recipe I want to use to make his supper.  (He’s not a soup person..I will wind up eating all of the soup thru the week).  If he likes it, I will pass the recipe on to you guys.  It has taco seasoning in it but it is another casserole.  I haven’t made one with these ingredients to me. 

I have no business sitting here doing this when I need to get my face on and choose something pretty to wear.  Considering I have three groaning closets, I will find something! 

I found that they keyboard skin I bought and installed onto my laptop really has been a good thing to have.  I eat crackers and little things that are snack-like while I am in here reading sometimes.  The skin has many minute teeny tiny crumbs all over it.  Those could have (and used to be) in the keyboard.  No matter how careful you think you are, you aren’t.  Also, I was having a Popsicle last night before bed and a drop of syrupy grape juice fell onto the keyboard as well.  Now that IS unusual for me to have happen but again, I am grateful for the skin.

I have had..or we have had I should say three reasonable nights in a row here in the household.  A reasonable little fur ball was quiet until close to 7. That sounds better than saying 0630.  However she spoke out loudly  for half an hour after breakfast.  Go figure!

On to get the day started.  You all have a wonderful day too, I sure am, and we’ll see how that new recipe works out.