I just finished cleaning the house.  It’s spic and span.  As I said in the title, I wish there was an App for that too. Oh my aching back. I will say that my back is slowly improving.  I think.

Anyway, I tend to do that deeper cleaning on the weekend but this weekend was filled with good things and those were far more important than cleaning the house. As I am not on the unforgiving time schedule I once was, I can afford to be flexible about cleaning though often I am not.  Ingrained habit makes me want to do the cleaning at its appointed time.

One thing though…I went to the marina with the oldest yesterday before he went home, and we checked out the bird life there.  Gulls of course, some Muscovy ducks, "regular" ducks and I can’t remember the name of the little dark colored guys that were swimming with the bigger ducks.  No geese.  ANYway, what shocked me was the trees lining the shore were starting to bud.  I would have to see them in leaf before I can identify them as I had not paid particular attention to them before.  BUDS ,I will have you know.  It was like a Spring day yesterday.  The temp was 58..abundant sunshine, just glorious out there hence wanting to spend time outside with the camera.  Buds are not supposed to be here yet.  We have had the same 8 degree days and nights as everyone else.  Yesterday was the first glorious day in a long long time.  Now they are in danger of being killed by the next inevitable freeze we have, poor guys.

By the way, a short note on weather here..we have had snow frequently  into April and that’s not good. It is very sad to look out and see the daffodils and other flowering Spring plants covered in snow and soon to die.  Two years ago we had a week long hard freeze that started Easter weekend.  It killed many of the trees and other forms of plant life forever.  It killed all the leaves that were newly budded out on the tall forest trees.  They went into shock.  Later they tried to go thru re-leafing again.  They didn’t have adequate nourishment from the soil to do that twice in several months.  It was a terrible thing.  We stay warmer here for longer but on the other end of the spectrum, we stay colder longer. 

OK.  Here is a tree limb with buds.  I was criticized and told that I should have focused only on the buds and made it a tight shot.  I do not agree.