It’s raining but that beats snow. 
I am stalling getting on the treadmill.  I have my treadmill clothes on and gum ready…shoes are waiting, it’s a case of just do it.  I must also be ready to (however temporarily) turn over a new leaf regarding eating as I started the day with oatmeal.  AND I wrote it down,  As long as I keep logging  my consumption, I’m in the catbird seat.
It is very mild out there..and the birds are singing as though it was Spring. The past two days were so Spring-like it probably confused them.  I’m kidding.  We had two glorious days and today is warm enough that when I went out for the newspaper, it barely registered that it’s January.  Man I have fat finger syndrome. I strike two keys for one  as I fly along here on the keyboard and I have to keep correcting.  Too early I guess for good typing.
Here is one from yesterday at the marina. My first attempt at capturing them in flight.  I  will keep practicing.