Caroldee wrote in her blog today that she took my advice about a product called Backjoy.  I had written about it a few months ago and how it worked for me.  I would read all of the reviews if I were you and you wanted to have one.  There is a weight limit for sitting on it but I don’t recall what it is.  And you have to sit on it correctly or it will do no good.  They even include a tiny video as well as written instruction as to how to sit on it.  Since it has a unique shape, sitting on it correctly is vital if you want relief from back pain.  Type "Backjoy" in the search bar at to see what it is. It’s worth mentioning again as it does wonders.  It cannot be found at Walmart or anyplace other than QVC who is the sole distributor.  It is expensive sort of..not cheap foam.  It’s a shaped correctly hard shell.

Me’n’her were separated last night as I had to catch up on some sleep. I slept till 8 this morning…three extra hours, and I could have slept another 2 hours easily but I didn’t as it would mess me up tonight.  It sure feels great not to have burning eyes. She is an indoor cat and would be killed by traffic quickly if I put her outside and she’d be terrified.  She has no knowledge of the street and cars which are a mere 30 feet from outside of the door; and a street many of us here have dubbed the Indianapolis Speedway.    Her really loud calling from  0530  hrs onward is just is killing me.  I stay sleepy constantly.  Folks who don’t like cats may use this statement as a reason why they don’t and will remark that I must be crazy to "put up with it".  Well, I’m not crazy.  She has medical issues and doesn’t do it on purpose.  Plus, I do love her.  SO..I laid down plastic mats and barricaded the door with something heavy so she could not get down the hallway to me.  ( my hall door was installed by me and I did a terrible job.  The door does not latch well at all)  It worked, but she moved the mats and clawed some carpet in her effort to get the door open. Back to square one on protecting the carpet.  She was frantic when the door got opened and needed some petting before I could get on with her feeding etc..  They  are a lot like babies in their dependence and their deep trust.  SO..after I get her to the Vet Monday or Tuesday, she’ll feel better but I need to get a system in place to keep the carpet safe and her on the other side of the door.  It was sure nice to sleep normally. 

I finished the treadmill and weights late today so I need to get cracking and put on my face and head out.  Hope you all’s weekend is fun or at least peaceful and nice.