Well, I see the nasty bomb was dropped again in my currant month’s posts.  This from the Chinese spammer with the language and filth.  I have deleted those I found easily.  After that, I guess there is not a lot I can do without being ridiculous about it.
Have my treadmilling and weights done and waiting on my face to stop "glowing" long enough to apply my makeup and head out.
It rained heavily for a week. I woke to rain this morning but it has stopped for right now.  It will begin again in 36-48 hours and likely last a week.  The usual 3 out of 4 weeks in a month with rain.  It’s very old.  The algae has formed nicely on sides of houses..decorative stone in gardens, wood fencing, just about anything that’s outside because of the now over a year of excessive rain.  The State has or will be a disaster area due to the ruining of many crops so said the news.
I meant to mention..how many of you like using a pepper mill instead of regular ground pepper from the can/shaker?  I am absolutely hooked on the mill now.  I coat my food with black pepper anyway so this gives me more bang for the buck.
Remember when I mentioned comparing labels for the less expensive canned or packaged foods at you-know-where big box store?  I did again, and the saturated fat and sugars, all kinds and the sodium are higher in the house brand than the name brand.  I put back the store brand G**V and got the name brand on several occasions.  A few times, they were more nutritionally alike.  You get what you pay for too many times I’m afraid,.  Oh and wow, I looked at bread labels more closely..that wheat bread many times is not what you were hoping for.  Oh, of course there’s wheat and caramel color to make it brown so you’ll think you have whole wheat, but you don’t.  Sigh.  Is this Wednesday, Rant Day?  I must have declared it was. 
Love ya bunches.