Oh man, now I have that song running through my head “Ain’t no Sunshine When Shes Gone” but it is worth it to say yet again like the broken record I have become, that there sure ain’t no sunshine here.  I can join many in the rest of the nation with that lament of constant rain or snow, I know.  We had record rainfall on Sunday alone and added to all the rest for a week and a half..a person would appreciate a break from it.  The weatherman says that tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.  Then, we get rain again for another week.  This is bizarre weather to be sure.  OH!  I was going to tell you how sad it is to have glanced over to one of my daffodil beds this morning and see the blades already up a good 5 inches.  Please little ones, not in January.  Please go back to sleep.  Here it was with the snow flurries yesterday and today too for that matter, 8 degree temps at night sometimes and pretty darn cold in the daytime (except last week when we had that 1 sunny day and I went to the marina for us and got some ducky pictures) and the daffodils said “Look out!  Here we come!!”.  I hope they don’t die.  I so look forward to them year after year and I planted another 3 dozen last Fall.

Thank you for the comments on my duck pictures with captions.  I know they aren’t going to charm Comedy Central but the captions occurred to me as I saw them and I couldn’t help myself.

My newest stylist in the Salon is well worth the major bucks she charges.  And she does charge a lot.  You should see the weave (highlights) I got 3 weeks ago.  OOOO la-la!!!  And, I stopped by right after to ask her what she used on my hair for styling.  I bought what she said she used on my hair each time and man, I feel as though I grew another head of hair to go with the hair I already had. (it looks so thick, shiny and full).

Deanie gave me a recipe for hamburger soup.  I told her after she mentioned that in FB that we had been given a quart by a friend from new Jersey a while back and wow oh wow was that delicious.  I remember some sort of bean in there too.  But she gave me her recipe and I will follow it to the letter right after I clean the bathroom floor with vinegar that one of my Wisconsin family members, Sherry or Terry (I can’t remember..oh the shame!) mentioned in her blog yesterday.  Fixing to do that soon as I hit Publish here.

And below…HURRY BACK blue sky.  🙂 You guys have a great rest of the day.