There is little else to top a warm kitty nose thrust into your ear with whiskers tickling and tiny little sniffing sounds as an alarm clock.  NOT!  It was funny though in its way.  I was sleeping (it was almost 0700, so it was OK) and this little inquiring nose went into my ear doing what I said in the first sentence.  I had to laugh a little and that told her "Ah, she’s awake,  Now for the piece de resistance"! So she started scenting my hair with her scent glands in her cheeks by rubbing my hair, and rather forcefully too I might add.  I felt her fang scrape by as the force of the rub lifted her lip.  Yessiree, a wakening to really see to it that you rose and shone!  Really, I didn’t mind.
Yesterday was a mostly sunny day and I was totally energised by that.  Not only while I was on the treadmill (I have mild shin splints this’ll work out) but while I was out.  I felt good as the sun was out but also, my lower back was giving me enough of a break from pain that it wasn’t in the forefront of my mind.  That alone was a gift! So, I did much much more outside than I have done in a while.  Today I am giving it a break till tomorrow. 
I had a kindness happen to me yesterday.  I was trying to buy a copy of the neighboring town’s newspaper and found I had no change.  Three guys were standing closely enough by that I asked if they had change for a dollar.  I had the dollar in my hand as added incentive to help. The guys all started checking to see what kind of change they had knowing I was trying to use quarters, 2, in the paper machine.  One of them counted out 4 quarters and I went over to get them while handing over my dollar.  He said "  Merry Christmas!"  I was so pleased at this simple act of niceness and kindness.  I didn’t argue.  I accepted the gift and it made the rest of my day even more wonderful.  So I am commemorating his nice act here in the blog.  I hardly ever get a "pay it forward".  Probably never have, actually, until yesterday.
Today is the day for Miss Catt to be tricked into being put in the carrier and taken for her blood chemistry ( thyroid levels), a nice pedicure and most of all for her comfort’s sake, her allergy shot.  That will buy me at least 3 weeks of less interrupted sleep. BUT getting her there is traumatising for her and for me. 
We are expecting 3-6 inches of snow starting Friday thru Saturday evening.  I’ll check the toilet paper, milk, bread etc. levels  Thank goodness I quit smoking so long ago.