For my next trick I being you an unrepentant cat who cussed me half the night through.  She went to the Vet yesterday, got half an allery shot (he does not like giving them until worst is worst) (there is some inherent danger in them..seriously) So, she got half a dose.  He discovered she had some matter at the pit of her ears where he could see and so he gave her some ear drops.  IF she starts scratching again, I must bring her in for more 3 times a week. (she won’t let me give them)

Meanwhile she with the newly manicured claws spoke to all and sundry about 0200 hrs.  She spoke again and again throughout the rest of the small hours and the fractious brat tried her best to get me all the way up at 5!  I declined and laid there till 0630 with her pressed up against me (that at least was nice and warm and furry) but still doing the closed -mouth meow trick.  Just loud enough to get her point across especially since she was up against me. I got punished worse that I have ever been punished.  Here I thought I was buying a few weeks rest.  Maybe she will have gotten over it and be back on track tonight.

Meanwhile the forecast has been revised and it looks as though there will be about 7 inches of snow here and a period of freezing rain as well, then more snow.  This will start from almost immediately and last thru till tomorrow evening or so they think.  I hope the power remains on.  That makes it very hard when it’s off with freezing temps.

I know I will be forced to stay inside for the next two days so after the treadmill and weights I left to just go somewhFont styleere since I wanted to get one trip in if nothing else. One place I went besides the used book store was the Dollar Tree.  I found 2 crystal cubes with a hummingbird in a flower etched on it so that it looks suspended inside.  Some note cards, some trash can smell-goods etc and stopped at Wendy’s for chili.  Nummy.  Thumb free too.

That it for now.  Hope you remain safe and warm.