Here is the weather thingy I just got via RSS.

After reports of 2 to 8 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain overnight. . . gradual improvements are expected today as the back side of this winter storm moves out. Side roads are slick and slushy but main roads should be ok. Plan on a mix of rain, sleet and snow at times with very minimal accumulations expected if any. Wet areas will likely freeze overnight as lows drop into the upper teens and low 20’s. More sunshine returns with above freezing temperatures on Sunday. Join Meteorologist Bob Becker for the complete forecast on 6 News at 6:00. You can follow the 6 Storm Team at

Here at the house it was about 5 inches of snow with ice on top, judging from the ruler on the car where I can get a more accurate accounting.  Elsewhere in the yard ,as in the bird bath, there is shelter and a less accurate snow depth. I just came in from shoveling off the walks in case someone was crazy enough to come up or down this hill I live on.  There are barely any tire tracks on the street and that is per usual as it is steep and unless you have to, it is better not to travel on my street.  

Glad I work out.  Makes shoveling snow a snap. I would be out in it again with the camera but the battery was almost dead.  So its charging now. You shoulda seen me.  Out there in my heavy Winnie the Pooh jacket, a toboggan on my punkin head and my combat boots on my feet.  Quite a juxtaposition in image.

See you on your blogs.  For those who didn’t know, a toboggan is also a hat design.