You know, I think I got something that tried to attack my computer (but was stopped by MacAfee) from FaceBook.  That may be a place I might have to quit for now.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.  I have been thinking as per a suggestion from my software engineer son that I go back to a Mac.  The virus and hacker crappola is so minimal that it would be a better choice than constantly going through all of the protections and spy ware updates and programs on a PC.  I would not trash the PC, I would just have it here in case and perhaps do a few things on it rather than port everything that is possible to port, over onto the Mac.  I am just about ready to throw my hands up with the constant concerns with a PC. With the exception of the oldest son, we have all been a Mac family.  We came to the dark side out of necessity (work). One went back to Mac, I was about to and still may.  Maybe when the middle son’s present computer is dead he too will go to a Mac. Then we’ll be back to 3 out of 4 as Mac users. Don’t know yet what I will do. But I sure am thinking hard about it.  If I do, I may get the iPad when it’s available.

No newspaper in 2 days.  I hope they credit me for that.  I’ll call.  (ice)

Still is canceled according to an email I got yesterday.  So I will clean house.  Then do the treadmill.  I may just go stand in the yard or something to get OUT of here.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday you guys and see you at your place in a bit.