Picture it.  (I miss that show "Golden Girls" and Sophia) it’s noon at a restaurant and I am about to have lunch with several work friends and gentlemen.  I knew this event would be entertaining for me not only because of who would be there but because I will usually ‘hold court’ at my own area of the room. I gather as many smiles and as much attention as I can wherever I go anyway, and here among friends and co-workers both, I easily keep up with my own tradition. So, picture it….

Here I am..wearing my skinny black jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, my black boots, my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume (LOVE that scent in particular..it’s my "signature" )  my large gold hoop earrings, and me having a superb hair day I’ll have you know.  Blonde highlights gleaming in the rest of the hair that fell just right into place that morning.  Ah,  I should cut quite a swath through the adoring crowd today I thought to myself.  Just bustin’ with confidence I was seated between two of my most favorites ready to dispense my  verbal favors on one and then the other, my smile at the ready!

But…gasp!!!!  I sat virtually ignored as the man on my left talked to someone  ( a woman!!!) on his left almost continually, and the one on my right stayed mostly silent regardless of my effort to engage him in a light conversation.  So much for my charm and magnificence as I sat there eating and being very ably ignored.  I probably should have fluttered my lashes and flipped my hair cleverly while polishing up my political opinions to dazzle all and sundry.  However, I had my lunch (good too…with carrot cake for dessert) (I deserved carrot cake!)

So ultimately after having finished my lunch, I gathered up all my charming ways, and… with softly wafting fragrance in my wake I departed on to Wal-Mart where I knew I would dazzle any and all who were fortunate enough to see me.  Such is the life of a diva like me.  Sometimes you get ignored. 

You know that the treadmill is waiting I’m sure.  Here I am ready to get up there…dressed for action (not as nicely as yesterday though) gum in my mouth, hair in a pony tail..shoes waiting..let’s hit it! 

And have a wonderful day my friends.  I’ll be around to see you when I get off the thing, get cleaned up and make sure my face and hands are ready for inspection.