A "DUH!" sentence coming up.  We all get older..even pets. 
I bought mine, who is going on twelve years of age (somewhere in her
sixties, I guess?) a set of steps awhile back. Really, she doesn’t need them.  She
would be the first to tell you.  She thunders down the hallways and
races like a wild thing through the house the same as she did when she
was a kitten…sorta like me! She leaps up to the window sill, (I
don’t!) she sure has no trouble getting into bed and beats ME to it
most times.  She goes from 0-60 (feet in her case) in 3 seconds. (me too…I’m pretty fast! 
BUT I bought them because the little so and so has shredded my right leg
a few times trying to make it up onto my lap as I soldier away here at
the computer.  She leaps up…maybe I am wearing shorts for instance in the warmer weather,
and there is no cloth for her front claws to grab hold of…so…..if I
don’t hurry up and scoop her into my lap, it’s a big "owie" for me.  I saw the steps advertised and bought them and never looked back.  Thinking about a second set of them.

She took a look 
when I put them out for her inspection I remember,and said "You’ve got to be kidding!  What do you think I am?  Decrepit
or something? Who do you think I
am buying me this old lady stuff?" So, I had rubbed the steps down with her
dr-ug of choice, (that being some catnip), and put a few toy mice on the
three steps..hung back and waited. And waited. She decided the catnip was an
afternoon snack, had a few bites, and still wouldn’t use the steps.  Time had its way with her though and she became a happy steps user up to and including right now.

I was out a while ago and around showing off.  (GOOD hair day!!!)

have accidentally found MY colors through time, that are best for me and my coloring as far as clothing is concerned.  Three of
them as a matter of fact.  Women will understand what I mean.  Coral and apricot and
‘crayon’ blue are SO not me. 
BUT, soft pale yellow, mossy green and pale nutmeg brown SO is!!!!  Here I am referring to clothes colors not hair colors...Try to
find much in those colors!!!  You can’t.  I have something, one thing,
in each.  When the planets come together and my hair looks this good,
all gleamy and amber…I haul out one of those colors for a top and go
out feeling like a million bucks.  Doesn’t matter at all whether I LOOK like a million..I FEEL like a million!    That’s what counts!  That way, I too can go 0-60 feet just like the cat does! 

What shall I have for dinner?  Does chicken sound good to you? 

You remember this..this is what she got me.