The oldest was here after work yesterday and till this late morning.  He had my homemade scratch recipe sloppy joes and man, they are good if I say so myself.  Been making them for quite a time now and having tried a few mixes and that canned stuff..nothing beats mine.  Nothing.  Boys?  How about a show of hands?  I made one mistake once by combining all of the ingredients all at once.  The trick is to brown the meat with the onion first, then add everything else.  I even ate one.  I never eat that kind of stuff but the smell was just luscious. So he had those for supper with fruit for dessert.

This morning was the usual.  Biscuits, bacon, eggs, strawberry jam, and black coffee.  Her Majesty was making herself scare so while the bacon was cooking she appeared as if she was an apparition.  The fragrance of bacon lures her out every time.  I  took about two inches of a piece of his bacon and broke it into tiny pieces for her..after she ate it and failed to thank me, she went back to her bed.  We got no quality time whatever with that little brat.

It rained for 2 weeks now with a few hours off last Sunday.  This Sunday we are supposed to have a few more clear late afternoon hours. BUT rain/fog etc a forehand. AND more of the same this next week.  I told the oldest that I would like to say but can’t until I check somehow that out of three weeks, we may have had 3 days of sun, 1 day of off and on sun.  Better than 2 or 3 feet of snow I guess but man, the Clinch river is practically even with the roadway.  The ground just can’t keep holding water and all of our many many rock slides are witness to it.  They are almost an every day happening (don’t forget our region is mountainous or hilly so there are plenty of rocks and places for them to slide down. 

I am going to have to hire a cheering section.  I shampooed this afternoon and my hair turned out glorious! However, there is no one here to admire it. It is too rainy to go out and show it off..and it’s too damp anyway and it would frizz up.  I need some folks on my payroll to applaud when I walk by and tell me how absolutely fantastic my hair looks, not to mention my porcelain complexion.  I’ll call the employment agency tomorrow.  I know there have to be some people that can be bought!!! I’ll stop by the ATM later..being careful of my hair of course.

Come on over..the front door is open.  Take a few dollars off the side table and commence to complimenting my hair.