The patch is off my eye and the red is down to a low roar…a more acceptable shade of red if you will and not the crayon red it was the previous 36 hours.  Thank you Beth, Lisa, Joe and Dianne for your prayers and support.  It meant everything to me.

My youngest came over to haul me around since I was unable to drive till we could find a minute clinic that was open on a Sunday, with a nurse practitioner to assess the damage I managed to do to myself.  We found one in network in the next town over.  I am most grateful that all worked together for the good. It turned out to be a much needed lesson to prepare for emergencies ahead of time and know where the other providers in network are..not when you can’t see worth a dime through one eye and that one tearing up what with the travail the other eye was going through!   Good grief.  Anyhoo that’s why I didn’t come see anyone yesterday.  Couldn’t see well.

 Oh that reminds me.  I have to give a trans dermal dose of thyroid meds to Miss Catt each day.  It is administered with a gel pen.  It gets rubbed on the inside skin of that adorable ear.  I got it all up onto the little felt pad tip and tried to put the cap on as she wasn’t anywhere to be found.  I wanted to keep the medicine from drying and it’s too expensive to wipe off and do it again.  SO..I proceeded to put the cap on, and full of confidence I went to put the pen into a container to be stored upright till she showed her royal self again.  That’s when I found out I had NOT gotten the lid on at all..due to the lack of depth perception, it was somehow sticking to the side of the applicator and I got a big handful of her meds.  Eeeek!  I resisted the urge to wipe my hand (that would have forced her meds into my system) and ran double time to the sink and ran the water full force to get it off..soaped and tried to get the rest off without rubbing.  Sigh.  It’s good to have two eyes, ya know?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  No make up again today.  Can’t wash it off tonight so I go out pale faced and mysterious once again.

See you soon.