Beth has her ‘count down to Spring’.  My way is to count down till I cook the hummingbirds’  their first nectar and fill the feeder, hang it out and wait anxiously for the first arrivals.  That is the most fun and looked forward to day of the new year for me.  That will be April 9th.  Sometimes they show up so quickly it is as though they were ( and they were) sitting and waiting.  Last year I despaired of them ever coming.  It was well into the third week of April before the first arrivals. I have never known them to be that late.  They may have found someone else and then remembered me.  Bring 4 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar, no food coloring..the red of the feeder parts is enough, trust me and food coloring is bad for them)  to a boil..take off heat and let cool…put into a clean glass bottle and tightly cap.  Store in the fridge.  Inexpensive AND better for them. The sellers color theirs strongly and yes, the birds drink it, but they would be so much better off without the chemicals in it. Hummingbirds cake up my feeder there are so many so they don’t miss the red gunk.

I have done my duty on the treadmill and etc.  I missed 2 days due to my eye feeling badly.  Took the wind out of my sails  pretty much.  It’s still red, sigh, and twinged a bit but now I have been up and worked it in so to speak, the little twinges are gone.  Today I will just skip eye makeup and go on and do the rest of my face.  I just don’t want to touch my eyes or that area to clean my face. Best for me to do is to show off my blonde eyelashes.  🙂

It’s close to ten, I think I will get ready for the day and head out into the always present rain. the way, we are having rock slide after rock slide after rock slide all over the State onto the roads and highways and Interstates due to the incessant rain.  Every day there is a report of another.  That’s how all of OUR States road funds are being used..the Herculean task of trying to move the rocks off the road.  Other States use theirs up with snow, rocks. 
I-40’s vast rock slide at the border of TN and NC  is STILL in the process of being cleaned up and that since October last year.  It was a massive slide.  There are detours all over the State.

I’ve been around to a few of you and after I get my face on, I’ll see the rest of ya.