I think I am asleep having a wonderful dream.  The sun is out a little bit.  It is mostly cloudy but I see some sunlight!  We’ll take it.  Two years of mainly cloudy days or rainy days or just gloomy overcast days…ah…we all get giddy around here when the clouds part a little to show that the sun is still there. 

I am about to go off into the wilds of town and then I have some git ‘er done stuff when I get home. 

I was enmeshed in a great adventure book last night before I went to sleep.  That was a problem ultimately because I read waaaaay past my usual time to turn out the light.  I have a sort-of regimen about when to turn them out because of a merciless 4 legged alarm clock.  Sure enough, with 5 hours sleep she woke me at her usual time..not a bad time, but I had lost several hours of sleep time I would have had if that book had not been so fascinating.  It is about Montana.  And the scene that had me so riveted was the storm  that the author had depicted with harrowing clarity.  WHEW!  Fiction, yes, but the vividness of the chapters dealing with it had me fully focused on that and I could not put the book down. Who’s sorry now?  That would be me.  My eyes are burning. 

Here is my Valentine’s day “card” for you.