We had some sun to start the day.  Snow expected over night and Monday.  The clouds are overspreading the area even now.  I brought my pillow back in from the first airing it had been able to have since Christmas.  Rain has been ever present.  But I got it out there at least for today.  I hope that my evening will still be alright what with snow expected.  Don’t want to be out eating and the snow starts.  Makes for hurry especially when you live on the highest point in the town.  A hill, straight up to my house and beyond.  Many a co-worker would scoff at my concerns when it snowed   and would offer (I usually took them up on it) to ferry me to and fro from work (assuming no overtime which always was the case!)

I had the last laugh as they found that no, they couldn’t get up the last two hills to my place.  I did some walking, trust me, in that snow unless the co-worker had 4 wheel drive.  That’s another story then.  Still, slow was the word of the day. 

The plumber had to be summoned yesterday.  The lines were leaking pretty badly under the kitchen sink.  Luckily I had already bought the new kitchen faucet set with sprayer but I didn’t know how much on its last legs the faucets and lines were.  When it starts to run put onto your wooden floor..action is needed right now!

Luckily he was out and around and came over within an hour.  It meant taking out the old assembly, replacing the lines underneath and installing something they didn’t do when the kitchen was  totally remodeled three years ago..cut off valves.  Good grief! 

 Luckily, I had taken walnut brownies out of the oven just as they got there.  The kitchen and house smelled of chocolate.  The two of them pitched in and got the project started and accomplished.  I asked when they were finished if they liked the fudgy style walnut brownies?  There was a unified roar of YES!  So, I cut and served over a third of them to the guys.  Two hours later when we got finished talking about mutual acquaintances, work, family and so on (I have known Scott since he was 5 years old. )  The total bill came to seventy five dollars.  That was excellent!  Brownies work their charm!  Lucky they were in the oven almost when the leaking happened. So, new set on the sink and we’re back in business.  Plus, I had to clean out and reorganize under there.  A dreaded task. 

Here is my not-too-pleased Valentine today. She is curled up on her soft red fleece blanket on my bed.  What a life, huh?