It snowed the whole time I was sleeping so we have some accumulation.  It was still snowing when I got up.  I heeded the fur clock’s alarm early as my hair appointment was at 9 and I needed time to fully waken, have breakfast and get my self ready.  Being on a hill the way I am, I believe I will call in a cancellation and see if I can re-schedule.  I also had a lunch with a girl friend.  So much for that.  I would have to shovel my slightly slanted upward driveway a little and I just don’t  feel like it now.  And…she, my friend, won’t leave her place in the country when it snows..can’t say I blame her… so there goes lunch as well.  Guess we will reschedule that too.

I am however dressed for the treadmill and I will head up there in a few minutes.  The tiny tyrant somehow convinced herself that as I was lumbering down the hallway to this room for a blog that I was going to snap her up and ferry her to the Vet.  Go figure!  Here I am in yoga pants, short sleeved shirt, no shoes in sight (I don’t wear shoes in the house..sure keeps the carpet cleaner) and no pet carrier anywhere to be seen but..she took off like the hounds of whatever were behind her every time she is in the hallway and I am coming down it.  She has done that every time I happen to be in the hall at the same time she is.  Yes, that is where I caught her to take her to the Vet several weeks ago but get OVER it, will ya? 

You know I’m stalling don’t you?  Sigh.  I don’t feel like doing the treadmill but I missed yesterday. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend.