Caroldee  said this morning a few things about being short.  Boy, do I ever know what that’s like.  It means, as she pointed out, a step stool to get past the first level of shelf space in your cabinets..sigh…and it certainly means that all the men attracted to you will be giants of 6 feet and counting, inches tall and above.  That I can’t and will never complain about although it has to look amusing to see a 5’2" woman and a 6’3 or more inch man walking or standing together. 

In my career I have been hugged by and I have myself hugged many a feller!  To stand no higher than their mid chest– and be crushed into their breastbone is something to remember.  And if they are wearing a gun belt for example, your chest will be mashed into it and you will be seeing stars for a few minutes. 

I was not popular with some of the clerks etc in Wally’s because when things are on the upper shelf (and they always are if *I* want them) I will and have tested the sturdiness of the lowest shelf and climb up so I can reach the loaf of bread I want and etc.  Of course that is not a safe act and I can only say I put as much of my full weight on it before climbing fully aboard to see if it creaked, groaned, sagged or in other ways became alarming.  It would’t kill them to make things accessible on all levels.  More women are short like me than not after all.  (No, I have not made a scientific study)

It is snowing AGAIN!  Flurries and snow showers but just the same.  Ugh!  SO over this.  Tuff beans I guess as what I am over never seems to affect the weather.  Dang.

OK.  before the next big snow shower, I will leave and get a few things done.  My hair looks as though I had put my  finger in an electric socket.  Oh, did I ever tell you about doing that sorta?  I was like 2 years old..I found a bobby pin and when mother put me into my high chair (and I do have a verifiable and vivid memory of my thought processes and having done it) I put 2 and 2  together!  I saw lamps plugged in and they made my hairpin should do the same if it was plugged in.  I’m sure it did but I never saw it as the literal shock took care of that observation.  After I was comforted, I got a smack on the other hand for doing it.  I still remember the experience in total.