True story…picture it…today, Wal-Mart parking lot.  The temperature is 26 degrees with a windchill factor of 23 degrees and snow flurries. I am driving along the front of the store’s lot to get to the grocery side of Wal-mart.  Here where I live, there are two marked out with yellow paint paths for customers to cross from where their cars are parked to the store’s doors.  Hence, I was stopped temporarily as we waited on several people to cross.

There before my startled eyes was a heavy set woman crossing the lot wearing one of those thick puffy stuffed with down or poly fill jackets.   You know, the kind that reminds you of the Michelin tire man.  That wasn’t the startling thing however.  What was startling was the woman had on a pair of what used to be termed short shorts.  An inseam of about 2 inches.  AND a pair of sandals. We all of us just watched in amazement as she made her way across and on into the store.  Before you the time I fished out the cell phone and fired it up..she was across and in the store.

I drove on toward the grocery section and I did not see her once I got into the store.  I will tell you, with the wind blowing I regretted having on a jacket with no hood, and no hat in the car.  The chilly wind brought the smart of tears to my eyes as it was cold out there.

Once in there, I got one of my favorite checkout guys, a man somewhere in his early 20’s I would guess with a great sense of humor.  The only caveat is..he eats 4 to 5 cloves of garlic each morning….whoooo wheeee!  Hewas just plain reeking this morning. I could smell him two registers away and told him that when I got there.  He can take it and he’s the first to crack a joke about it.  He smiled and told me how many cloves he got down this morning with his breakfast of one each: hot dog and hamburger.  I told him hey, with the sort of schedule I have always worked..when on midnights 0600 becomes night to me since I am headed to bed and we shift workers will eat more of that sort of thing (without the garlic presumably)  than a bowl of cereal.  When your system is used to it, there isn’t any problem really.

I am going to go look up a chicken and a noodle dish I found and saved a recipe for.  I think I will serve that this weekend assuming the oldest comes by.

Meanwhile..have a cold snowy day in a little town in Illinois, O Libra Twin!