Having a bowl of too runny oatmeal.  But waste not want not.  I thought I measured the water correctly but obviously, I did not.  It has a lot of cinnamon I just put in, a little snack-size box of raisins and I’m shoveling it down.  I ate a Larabar when I first got up.  Those are the only bars commercially sold without all the yuks in them AND with true food value.  Look at the back of one next time you go to the grocery. But anyway. despite eating that with my coffee at 7, after the treadmill I found I could stand a little more.  So…the accidentally runny oatmeal.

I had to go to bed at 10 last night because someone in relentless about getting me awake at 6ish each day.  If I don’t adjust when I go to bed, I suffer a lot in the day.  Taking naps isn’t a lot in the way of option as it would keep me awake once I went to bed.  I am experimenting today and tonight with a possibility that may help her be calmer.  If it works, I’ll share what it is.  I changed something that she liked to where she couldn’t do that activity any more.  She is hollering  in the location where she used to do that activity so let’s see what happens if I allow it again.

My next door neighbors are moving out..almost done.  They are renting and were told buy or leave as the owners want to try selling it again.  So, they are leaving as with 4 kids..it’s tight over there.  That leaves me with the possibility of who KNOWS moving in there.  My bedroom faces their deck and etc. and not looking forward to any really noisy people.  SO..I have given great thought to selling and leaving the area.  Tired of constant concern with all the rentals around me.

Hair appt. today.  Snow is just about gone for now.  Just patches and small piles here and there.  I should come home with pretty hair.  She’s the best one I have been to yet.  She is called a "Designer" (she works for a corporation..not a small salon). Costs $$ but it has been worth it so far.

Need to get ready for the day..taxes (forms) need to betaken in, chicken needs to be bought as the oldest will be here Friday after work.  It’s going to be (maybe) oven fried chicken with buttered  noodles that have some fresh parsley and al dente green peas.  Haven’t thought any farther ahead.

OK…let’s roll!