It would seem that my experiment regarding Miss Catt proved out to be just as I suspected. How embarrassing for her.
That delicate feminine gorgeous girl..that Queenly being..that Ruler of all she surveys (Oy VEY!) and bringer of beauty in abundance…she has her way after a long  time has passed.
She has been honking and snorting after 5 or so in the morning with an occasional shout out in the even smaller hours.  This has caused me a severe sleep deficit.  Seriously, it has.  Just prolonged loud low sounding almost distressed sounds.
A few days ago, I had the idea that maybe, since this chorus always occurred in the bathroom, just maybe she wanted the lid to yon commode up..not closed.  So,as much as I despair when I see her using the commode as her personal private fountain, hence I closed the lid months ago so she could not, I have opened the lid once again.  There was not a peep out of her this morning nor thru the night.  She did say a few things after her breakfast as always BUT not as long or as loud. 
When one is at work more than at home, one does not care if the lid is open or closed nor does one think of such matters. Under a severe time constraint and consistently long work hours, it’s like WHO CARES!?  So, she got into that habit while I was gone.  I took that away from her and she has been hard at work for months vocalizing her disappointment and chagrin.  FINALLY her pleading was belatedly understood.  I think I actually may get a little better sleep now.  Maybe.  Time will tell. 
Today is the chili oven fried chicken day.  It’s a new recipe for a coating to me so I hope after spending $$ for the chicken that it is palatable. If not, I have thrown away a lot of money.  Man, chicken costs so much these past several; years.  But then, everything else does too. 
What do you who watched the Olympics think of the figure skating last night?  Did the right man win?