Seriously..I happened onto to a wonderful site.  It is called  Just open the link in a new tab. It took no time at all before I was putting in my contribution.  You can give as little as one dollar at the site an article says (and is true) which matches we good Samaritans who donate, with Teachers at cash strapped K-12 cash strapped schools in need of basic supplies such as books, paper, pens, pencils or funding for field trips.  Post donation, you receive thank-you notes from grateful students, the Teacher themselves and a progress report from the Teacher. 

I found a school in a poverty level area in Colorado where I finished out the rest of the funds needed for the kids’ art project.  I got an immediate reply and a thank you from Mr. R.  I am looking forward to hearing from the kids.  It was my pleasure..believe me and I will look among all of the teachers requests from time to time and donate so they don’t have to do without.  My middle son, the one in North Carolina is a Teacher and he has, as most teachers do, paid for things for the children and/or supplies himself out of his own pocket.  I think all Teachers wind up doing that because the  schools are so often underfunded for basic needs.   I hope you will visit the site and it’s also a hope on behalf of the children and teachers that you find something that appeals to you on any given level, and donate.  Even a dollar.

No, they ain’t paying me for this!.  I just happen to believe it this site.  It is a legit site,  See for yourself.