Sometimes those of us who have beloved pets, dogs, cats, any animal at all that is capable of showing true affection, find we are gently teased or even scoffed at occasionally by those who have never loved a pet or even more, have never been loved by a pet.

When we take an animal (I hope from a shelter or off the street) into our homes, we  become responsible in every way for them.  We are to be good and caring stewards of the life we took in.  We feed them of course and give them shelter.  We take them to the Veterinarian for their health’s sake and as they find their own unique place within our family circle, we seek to keep them comfortable and healthy with a good life within the family.  And we grow to love them. 

It is not easy to discern why we love our animals.  Some will say  a few things about their pet’s personality without much thought about it as to why they care for the pet.  I got to thinking about it in particular yesterday when a dear blog sister said how much she missed her now deceased pet. She has one of the two she previously had and still misses the precious life she nurtured and cared for until circumstances over which she had no control intervened and took him from her and she could not give him the care and love she had.  He was not living with her. 

That set me to thinking about my pets and the others who love their pets.  Why do we love them?  No simple answer nor even a complicated one.  Over all we love them because they love us.  They do so with a purity and unselfishness that can’t always be found in our fellow humans.  A parents love for their children is the closest likeness there will ever be, I think.

However, regarding pets, theirs is a pure love with no agenda whatsoever.  They are incapable of that agenda no matter how one would try to superimpose a human’s thought processes onto an animal, that attempt will always be in error.  Animals aren’t capable of human thoughts or human agendas.

They receive their human’s love and care and reciprocate that love..even taking care for their owner as much as they are capable.  Dogs and cats in particular are able to demonstrate genuine care for their human.  We all of us have known a cat, for example who becomes their owners nurse when the owner is sick.  They stay steady by the bed or chairside, gazing up at their owner and giving comfort with purring and warmth.   They love us with a pure and sweet love, not besmirched with greed, lust, and violence.  They give back what they receive from us. Sometimes we don’t deserve their loyalty.  So that is why when they pass away, many of us grieve so for them.  They loved us and asked nothing back.  When that pure love goes away, we find how deeply we miss it. And we remember those bright eyes and their complete trust toward us, in them.

Just thoughts for Monday.