It started raining (of course) night before last.  It rained in the day then turned off gray and of course, cold. Today, same thing..snow expected in the Mountains and the Plateau.  So by golly I will make my own pretty sky.  Sorta.  I’ll post a picture of it.
Thank you for the comments and understanding regarding yesterday’s blog.  I went through it last evening correcting subject/verb agreement, typos and took out a ton of commas.  I ought to learn to set these things aside for a few hours and come back and look again before I post. Save me posting all of those errors.  I am slowly trying to stop writing in phrases.  It is a bad habit from years of having to condense everything verbally as well as written for reports.
I’ll tell you what.  I am even more happy that our American won the skating gold medal.  That Plushensko or however it’s spelled its quite the arrogant megalomaniac.  And his unceasing sniping at our Prince Charming who won the competition is ugly.  He came across as arrogant and "you owe me" in the interview they showed of him in Rus-sia before he ever got to Canada for the competition.  I think he has some severe issues.  I love that the Canadian couple won the gold last night.  They were breathtaking!  Loved all of the dancing and of course it would have been really cool if the Americans won but they got silver.  The best couple won.  Maybe next time for us.
The small Mrs is in the window looking out at chilly Doves and cold Woodpeckers while there is still a modicum of light. 
Here is some pretty for you all.   Click on the photo to see it’s actual color.