Has anyone yet read a book authored by Elizabeth Berg?  I have several…all of which were recommended to me and I loved every word on every page.  Just wondered who else may have had the pleasure.  However after that query, things go downhill. 
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Has anyone come up with a way to move quickly enough in a store to stop change from being piled on top of paper money and receipt in time to keep the change from cascading down onto the floor or worse still, the pavement if you are at a drive up window?

Will the man-woman-teen whomever who drives with their knees while texting (eyes certainly not on the road or pedestrians/vehicles around them obviously) feel in any way challenged to change their behavior once their luck runs out and they hit someone?  Assuming they’re not in jail or the hospital that is?

Is anything to be gained by driving within a few inches of the rear bumper of the vehicle in front of you that passing if possible or making a turn to another street temporarily to get away from the supposed slow poke, won’t cure?

What impels a person to bring their dog with them with no notice or asking if it would be alright, on a visit to someone else’s home?  And why does said dog yap incessantly and jump on all parties concerned or fight with the hapless pets who live peacefully in their own home?

Just a Wednesday sorta question(s) on a Thursday.