And it’s not over yet..all the better.  I still have hours to go to enjoy the sun that is out for us here where we seldom see it.  I told a friend here on Spaces yesterday that I get downright giddy when the sun comes out, we see it so seldom. So me, the brand new GPS that is stubbornly saying that it can’t find the satellites after its free download of map updates and Victoria will all of us head out into the day (wrong time of day for optimal picture taking, but we don’t care!)

For anyone curious, this is a replacement GPS for the one several weeks ago that I mailed back as it did not have the function of a preview of routes.  Please.  How lacking can you be in a GPS product?  The thing may have been routing you through Anaheim CA. for all I knew, to get to the town next to me. So this new guy was great out of the box and while I was setting it up.  After its download it said it couldn’t find satellites.  Um….OK.  It sure found them when I first turned it the same room as when I tried later.  We will see.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics.  I always do whether Summer or Winter.  They are great.  Hope Apolo Ohno wins gold tonight. He has won all manner of medals but I wish they were all gold. Easy for me to say. 

Youngest son is headed over the Mountains today to go see the middle son.  I wanted to go with him but he wanted to go solo..totally understandable as we have gone at the same time the last several times.  Hope he avoids snow that I know fell in the Smokies and he has to go through those mountains.

I have been checking to see if anyone in the blog family updated.

There’s a little insect on the right side petal.